We are only as good as the products we can procure. What we can’t get from our own farm, we seek out from the best producers available. These artisans are pushing boundaries in their respective fields and provide us with the excellent products you will experience at the Restaurant. We are committed to these relationships and supporting our local craftsmen.


Moon Hill Dairy- Steamboat Springs, CO

Moon Hill Dairy is owned and operated by John Weibel. John started out raising grass-fed beef and in 2010 established the dairy where he has introduced Guernsey and Brown Swiss dairy cows. Constantly polishing his craft, he now produces the finest cheese in the valley.


Moon Ranch- Steamboat Springs, CO

Owned by the Halsnes Family, Moon Ranch is a small family ranch located in the Yampa River Valley, south of Steamboat Springs. Moon Ranch is home to a small flock of high quality Katahdin and Dorper sheep producing delicious grass fed lamb.
In addition to lamb, the Halsnes' raise Aberdeen and Black Irish Angus and Angus cross cattle that enjoy a completely natural existence, consuming only mountain grasses and hay. The grass fed beef is an artisanal slow food, allowed to naturally mature to 24-30 months on mountain pastures. No antibiotics, growth hormones, insecticides or chemicals of any kind are used on the animals.
Jarle, Leigh, and their daughter Krista believe in an agricultural model that benefits the animals, is ecologically sustainable, enhances the community, and produces flavorful and healthy beef and lamb.


Rahm Bookbinding- Colorado Springs, CO

Since the early 1900's the Rahm Family has been practicing traditional bookbinding, offering hand-crafted, functional, and beautiful books to the community. Now owned by David Duguid, Rahm Bookbinding has collaborated with Cloverdale and crafted our beautiful wine menus. Visit them at www.rahmbookbinding.com to see their work.


Mountain View Pork- Meeker, CO



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