Our philosophy surrounding wine is simple: Respect the product and the process by not only being knowledgeable, but by treating every wine with the same care that the vineyard manager and the winemaker did before it arrived at your table. Whether your wine is from Bordeaux or Calistoga; time, love and effort were all a part of the process to create the product. We at Cloverdale respect that process through excellent service and proper pairings showcasing the skill and care the winemaker has put forth into that bottle of wine. In doing this, our primary goal is to give you, our guest, an unparalleled experience centered on the relationship between food and wine.

Along with our wine list we offer full beverage pairings with our tasting menu. Our beverage pairings will be largely comprised of unique wines but may also include beer, cocktails, mead, or any other interesting pairings we can find or create. Our Chef's Menu pairing is $115 per person.

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